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Honor Amongst Thieves II - Center of Gravity (Paperback)

Honor Amongst Thieves II - Center of Gravity (Paperback)
A.C. Clayton once again captures the essence of the street hustle while encapuslating the heartbeat that only a warrior can recognize. Clayton skillfully pens adventures in the love, romance, violence, fear and betrayals that exist for warriors of the street in the suspenseful page-turner of the Honor Amongst Thieves sequel.
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Amenta (pronounced - Ah-men-tah), derived from ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) concept, means God's Land or Divine Land.  Amen was the divine attribute for the hidden God. Ta meant land. It was believed that this heavenly place existed in man's subconscious by way of their imagination. It is only through our imagination are we able to create the world we see around us. 

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