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Sting of Smokeless Fire

Posted by AC Clayton on April 17, 2014. 0 Comments

Man, have you ever been snaked so maliciously by someone you considered a true friend? Someone you would have went all out for; even to the extent of sacrificing your own life? Well, if you lived the life and played the game, then of course you know exactly what I’m speaking of… you know because you’ve already felt the sting.

Refusing to accept the belief that your crimey, your ace-boon-koon is capable of such treachery. Like the woman who refuses to the bitter end to believe that her very best friend would sleep with her man.

Yeah, ever-present is the nagging question that pervades your sleep…why me? The restricting lumps in your throat reminds you of your vulnerability, your humanity. Closer to Jesus you find yourself, because it has become your cross to bear and no one elses. You feel its burden weighing heavily on your heart, while the gravity of your response can be justified only in your mind.  For me, exile was his only option, though death was probably the best fit for his crime. But what of his family? Should his miscalculation be their burden of sorrow as well?
-Kay Kay

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