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Adapt or Die

Posted by AC Clayton on April 13, 2014. 0 Comments

Another chapter in this book we call life completed. Another birthday I've witnessed healthy and free. My mission has not changed, only my methods. Technology forces mankind to adapt. The streets are no different. The edge always went to law enforcement, now with cameras and microphones on every corner, mobile heat sensors and night vision, micro chips in money making the paper easy to track, compounded by an infestation of snitches; makes doing business as usual - unusual.

I was smart enough to switch it up, yet so many weren't; they couldn't comprehend the calling for change. To them it was like a form of surrender, a declaration of defeat. Silly niggas stuck in a prison even before the actual one becomes their tombs. Like land mines, you gotta navigate pass the arms sticking out from the grave, you can't save them; they can only pull you in. Into their madness and misery, their folly and futility. That's my philosophy in a nut shell on what's taking place on these streets, remaining below the radar equals longevity. It’s that simple. Peacocks suffer by virtue of their strut. Their very nature makes them easy targets. Technology has made this a thinking man’s game. It's weeded out the reckless. 
-Kay Kay

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