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“If you’ve ever lived in the streets of New York and dealt with the shady, underhanded, cut throat scoundrels that inhibit the city... then you will recognize and understand the rules by which they live and die by in Honor Amongst Thieves. This book takes the world of urban lore into a reality space to educate you on the way they think, move and operate. A.C. creates the realest set of fiction you’ll read on street life.”
-Datwon Thomas
Executive Editor - Vibe Magazine

“A.C. Clayton’s ability to spin the urban African American lifestyle into a suspenseful novel – brings literary credibility to the first novel of this trilogy. Clayton makes the characters come alive on the page. With each betrayal and each death the reader feels a sense of loss. Anxious for book two, one can’t help but wonder about the many questions left unanswered.”
-Marcia Trent
Assistant Director - Dallas Public Library

“After I read your “killer” book my perspective on these “novellas” as they are called changed drastically. I used to assume that they were written at a low-reading level and the stories themselves glorified street- tales about broken dreams and failure. Well I’d bet some of them are this, but your book Mr. Clayton most definitely is not! This is not a compliment of course, but an admittance that I was taken aback by your wonderful language and compelling characters. You should really consider putting on a gritty street play or producing an indie film about these types of topics if you haven’t already. I’m sure that many young men, not only us in the majority will be very entertained and stimulated by what you have to say.”
-Ryan from The Bronx


The book actually wasn’t for me. It was for my husband. And I have to say he is not a reader. But he read that thing in like 2 weeks. I was really surprised because I haven’t been able to get him to read any of the books I’ve been reading. And he is impatiently waiting for the second one to come out. Looking forward to it. Thank you!
-Paulina S.

From prologue to cliffhanger ending, A.C. Clayton had me glued to Honor Amongst Thieves. I missed subway stops, my nose was so far stuck in this book. Clayton reels in the reader with fast-paced action and then masterfully opens a door to a nuanced view of both the "games of the streets" and behind bars. Clayton carefully draws multidimensional characters and creates rich dialogue that pushes the reader to ask bigger and deeper questions. My biggest question right now is, "Where's book 2"?
-KRWK, Brooklyn

“Follow Kay Kay's journey from a young boy who pulled off his first robbery at age twelve through adulthood, and experience a gripping tale of a man's commitment to the code of the streets. As Kay Kay shakes up the streets of Brooklyn while making a name for his self; meet the characters that come along for the ride, some to guide and teach him, while others to watch him fall.

Author A.C Clayton presents a well-rounded novel that allowed me into the mind of a man whose survival instincts kicked in when necessary; but who wasn't afraid to step out of the box and question his self. I am looking forward to this author's next novel... A.C...What's up with Precious?"
- Locksie
ARC Book Club Inc.

After I read your “killer” book my perspective on these “novellas” as they are called changed drastically. I used to assume that they were written at a low-reading level and the stories themselves glorified street-tales about broken dreams and failure. Well I’d bet some of them are this, but your book Mr. Clayton most definitely is not! This is not a compliment of course, but an admittance that I was taken aback by your wonderful language and compelling characters. You should really consider putting on a gritty street play or producing an indie film about these types of topics if you haven’t already. I’m sure that many young men, not only us in the majority will be very entertained and stimulated by what you have to say.
-Ryan from The Bronx
I absolutely enjoyed reading your book! Not to sound corny, but I honestly have not read a book that was so true-to-life real! I felt as if I walked the streets with this character, felt his inner turmoil, and also fell in love with this character as much as Alicia has. What I liked most about your characters is that they weren’t one-dimensional figures. Kameek “Kay-Kay” Barnes wasn’t just some ganster who ended up on the other side of the track; he was an intelligent man and born leader despite situations that arose in his life. You found yourself rooting for this character! His wisdom and personality blew me away…it’s like I’ve known or seen this character before! Kareem was not just some stick up kid…he was someone’s son, brother, desired love, and ultimately a father. In reading your book, I’ve gained so much of an understanding of the streets itself….and what happens in the dark when the pimped out cars are parked and Platinum chains and bracelets are laid by the bedside. The characters were believable, the plot and subplots within your book was laid out perfectly, and the ending had me craving for more! I didn’t want it to end! I have to catch up on much needed sleep from reading your book!….(O:
-Crystal M

Honor Amongst Thieves has been one of the best books that I have read in a long time. It was put together very well. I found the story compelling, dramatic, exciting, and entertaining. Each page was riveting with a hint of suspense, which kept my focus the entire time. The trials and tribulations that a young man faces on the come up in a society that offers very little is something I think most people, as well as myself can relate to. My anticipation for the next installment made me read the book a second time. I’m curious to see what’s next for Kay-Kay in this world wind that is his life. I also feel that with the right collection of movie personnel, this book would translate very well to the big screen. You have my support 100%. I have recommended this book to everyone that I know. When the series of books are complete, the masterpiece will be finalized.
-Leroy Brooklyn, NY
I brought the book last weekend at the book fair and can say by far this is the BEST book I have read in a long time. A.C. Clayton has really out done himself and I am on pins waiting for the second book to come out…
Read the book, and loved it. Easy reading and once I sat down in a quiet place I finished the book in a matter of hours. I was definitely surprised about the ending. What’s up with Precious, did I miss something? At what point did she turn against K? Will the next book reveal what happened? When is the next book coming out?
Looking forward to the next installment.

The book is definitely an easy read, I read after having two layovers leaving LaGuardia while on my vacation in NY. Not only that, the author himself is intelligent, creative and a natural visonary in his own right. I salute you A.C. Clayton on your accomplishments thus far and am even more eager to engage in the second phase of your Chronicles for Honor Amongst Thieves!!! Keep it up bro. I’m spreading the word in Houston, Texas about your work. Hopefully we can get you down in the real Dirty South for more exposure and some book signings. Be blessed and continue your path of extraordinary vision, work ethic and success.
-John “Smitty” Smith
Excellent Book!!! This book definitely takes you into the minds of probably the most grimiest street gangsta out here. I was really feeling the O.G. – He dropped some real knowledge on Kay Kay and myself as well. If you haven’t read the book, I suggest you run out and purchase a copy right now!!! You will definitely be glad that you did I myself am looking forward to book two. I know it’s going to be great!!! From reading the book I can tell that you are a very intelligent young man who will succeed in whatever you do. Good luck you have my support all the way through!!!
This was an amazing book. I loved the details and the fact that it commands a great deal of emotion from the reader. When is the second book coming out? I can’t wait… and do you have an email list to let your readers know when the second book is scheduled to be on book shelves, if so I want in…
More than just a visualization comes into play, when you’re sucked into Honor Amongst Thieves. A.C Clayton actually takes you on a ride into the life of the streets and the individuals personal situations. It’s like you can feel every trip,fall and success in this riveting story that I my self can relate too. It’s not just another urban novel. In a way… it’s more like a self help book.
It shows you that you always have to play your cards right to win the game. That thinking can be the key to a smooth road. Instead of not thinking at all and making your smooth road bumpy.( this book hit close to home). This is a great book!!!!! I even found myself missing my stop on the train because i didn’t want to stop reading!! It’s one of the best books i’ve ever opened. I recommend this book to any one who knows how to read!!
A.C Clayton, keep the stories coming. Im soo looking forward to the next book!!! I know theres going to be a part two!!! Let us know when it’s dropping!!!


- A-mami

A SERIOUS pageturner!!! I loved it, from start to finish I couldn’t put it down. This book has got me thinking about things that I never considered. I’m from the ‘hood, so I know what paypa chasers look like and what they do, and how the ‘hood emulates them, but you gave me insight on how the Playa thinks. What the “man on the mission” is going through. I also enjoyed the book itself, but what I loved most was the “lessons.” You found a way to teach AND entertain. Keep up the good work!!! and Where is Book #2????
-Sunshine, NYC
I have read many “HOOD” novels in my time but Honor Amongst Thieves stood out more than any other I’ve read before. It was refreshing to see someone who is intelligent tell our story without bad grammar and embarrasing spelling errors throughout the book. I was impressed and proud of A.C Clayton for his professionalism and I am anticipating the sequel.
-J. Beale

I finished your book last night. I really like the way you wrapped the story around the evolution of Kay-Kay’s thinking in relationship to things such as observing the devastation crack was having on Gail’s kids or the death of Innocent. The book has a very powerful message. It gives me a different perspective on a number of things I have seen and experienced with kids over the past 20 years working in this field. What’s most impressive though is that the book now has me thinking more deeply about these things. On some level, I would hope that all authors seek to get their readers to think more critically and honestly about issues. Unfortunately, more often than not, authors fail to do so.
Let me know when the next one is published – I look forward to reading it.

Honor Among Thieves was a good read. Just when I decided that I wasn’t going to read anymore urban novels I was swayed to think otherwise! I was tired of reading novel after novel that seemed similar to one another. Don’t get me wrong there are many good urban novels but over the past few years some of them have been taking advantage of the urban explosion and just have been putting anything on paper to sell. I just want to say Thank You A.C. Clayton for putting another exemplary novel on the shelf. In addition, I I also like that you had some historical facts in your novel in regards to the 1960’s movement. I like the character the OLD GOD especially his perception of certain drug dealers as colorful Peacocks; you know always wanting to be seen and heard which isn’t really wise in their line of business. Last but not least, I like that your novel mentioned a man shouldn’t kill or hurt someone over a girl because some have, and have come to regret it.
-K Woods

This is definitely not your average “Hood Book”. I can’t lie when A.C asked me to read his book, I was like OH Boy…another “writer” promoting his book! I was hooked from the first page! I read the book in two days, and was disgusted I finished so fast…I wanted more! A.C. is one of the most talented writer out there today. You can actually see the story and believe it. Not like those glorified tales you read on a regular. I have to know what happened with Precious, and Kay-Kay’s bro. I read the book twice like there was gonna be something new the 2nd time around – that’s how HOOKED I was! C’Mon A.C. you gotta feed this hunger!!! Impatiently Waiting in NYC.
-Aleshia, Harlem, NYC

This book is off the chain!!! I’m sure after reading this, the ganstas had to step up their game. I truly and inspired and I see that Sista Soulja has taken a note from your writing style with her new book – she’s dropping jewels left and right. I can’t wait for the sequel – please hurry. Anxiously Awaiting – your next work
I thought that this was a wonderful book. I was engaged and attached to the characters. But I have more of a question than a comment. I came to this site with the hopes of fining out how I can get a copy of Book II, or if it even exists...and oh yeah, I did want to say that I do feel that this book and author has so much potential. I’m a barber and while visiting a barbershop, owned by a friend of mine, I picked up this book. He told me that I could have it and tell people to take one if they wanted. So with that, I took it and left. Now of course you know, that what appeals to the young more often than not does have the same appeal to the old. But I swear to god, my boss’ aunt – a much older lady- picked this book. And not having it more than 3 minutes while she was under the drier, she made an announcement -”who’s book is this? this is a good book. Can I take it home, I’ll bring it back?” Now that said a lot to me. And you should be very proud. That book was back on my stand the next morning. And today I see why, because i just finished reading it in less than a day as well. So, my compliments to you. And i hope that you keep up with such great work
I first read the book in 2008 and since then i pick it up and read it again twice a year. I just need to know when the second one will be available.