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Honor Amongst Thieves I: Abandoned Nation 2nd EDITION

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Based on true events this riveting tale of mayhem and redemption draws us into the minds of one of Brooklyn's most prolific underworld figures. Kameek-Kay Kay-Barnes is the name behind the madness. At the age of twelve Kay Kay committed himself to the hood and its shape shifting codes. A choice made out of adventure not necessity. From the grimy streets of Brooklyn to the chaotic corridors of Riker's Island, Kay Kay stands tall through it all. However, cursed with a conscience and an ever growing knowledge of his social responsibility - he finds himself trying to place an honorable face to a dishonorable game; only to discover that his salvation lies in the powerful bonds of brotherhood. Kameek Barnes meteoric rise to the top of New Yorks' criminal underworld still exists in the whispers of the streets. But what of his fall? Join Kay Kay on his quest for fame, power and wisdom in this gritty tale of love, lies and ultimately betrayal...


***REPRINT*** 2nd Edition includes excerpt from the next book of the trilogy Center of Gravity


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